Life Coaching


Family Advocacy

Our Family Advocacy practice focuses on leveling the playing field for dads and providing access, information, and fairness for families, both financially and in courts.


Life Coach/ Life Styling

A Coach can't get in or play the game for you, but the right coach can cheer you on and give you the right idea and tools to succeed

Reinvention The design and launch of changing strategies and renewed attitude with passion, focus and determination to fine tune your destiny and turn your dreams into reality!

Posh Concierge Services

Unique Services provided to clients of influence and affluence. Individuals and families -pre-during- post divorce

Posh Teen / Young Adult Concierge Creative Services provided for educational , cultural and career enrichment

Family Advocacy

Resilience - The ability to become strong, healthy, and successful.

Family Coach/ Divorce Coach- Focus on Fairness for Families, including access and keeping kids out of the Fray! Expertise in transition, reunification and coping plus facilitating a crisis, domestic, and or emotional necessitating action or intervention. Nationally recognized solutions around leveling the playing field for fathers and families is one of our unique services. LYD thinks out of the box strategies and team approach are known to yield positive results!

Whenever I need advice on how to accomplish any task, I call Lisa. Engaging Lisa for 5 minutes I will net 100 ways to "Make it happen! That is on any topic and at any time!


Lisa Nkonki is one of the most dynamic, creative business women I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the years.


Media & News

Executive Producer All Heart

Lisa wearing her Producers hat, gives us a glimpse of her journey w Mina in the creation of the ''All Heart'' musical project with Mina Tulchinsky...

Lisa Nkonoki's ''Celebrity Home Ties''

segment w Norman Lear 2004!

Lisa got her start in entertainment in her early pre tween years as producer, content creator, on camera talent, writer in various multi media platforms. Take a look at her with her dear friend and mentor, Norman Lear.

Lisa Cheers Mina on to Find her Voice

Town and Country Magazine digital

gives you a view

Checkout Mina, Lisa and Team Mina, an amazing group of some of the best in the Music Biz who went along on this journey


Life Stylist to the Stars!

Dreams Do Come True

I pitched the idea to PBS’ top brass in Washington that they should have Ray Charles Jr. and Della Beatrice Howard Robinson at the event...

New Album Project by Mina Tulchinsky

Executive Produced by Lisa Nkonoki

It’s not often that a debut album is so adventurous and brave. “ALL HEART” from classically trained singer and artist Mina Tulchinsky...


Health is Wealth:

Life Coach Lisa Nkonoki

Marysol sat down with Life Coach, Lisa Nkonoki to discuss an upcoming event and also tips on how to stay healthy. Lisa discusses how you need to...


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